I started recently working for a big company, and when I say big, I mean really BIG.

Well, my colleagues are from different parts of the world, of course some names are harder to pronounce, so, let's say your name is 'Yagarishmakeshin', well, sometimes is easier(and I used to think friendly) to call you by a shorter name, for this example let's say 'Yag', you know, like Apu form the Simpsons, which is normal I think, people use to call me always by shorter names too and is fine.

Well, yesterday I received a complain from HR saying some people complain about this, it turns out this is offensive or degradating; I was also warned about not calling a girl 'girl', example:

- random girl at my team - So, I created this routine which is very effective and provides good performance
- me - Awesome girl, very cool

Well, Someone complain I call them 'girl' and is not fine.

I cannot tell you how frustrated I feel about this, is like, if you feel uncomfortable with a short name, just say it to me, something like 'Hey I prefer you call me by my full name' or something like that, but nah, you prefer to raise a complain like if I were a fucking predator or something; Also, I cannot retaliate or mention the topic, I need to change and pretend nothing happened.

Fuck you big corporations, and fuck you skinny stupid bitch

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    I always thought those kind of people were a myth, to be honest. Sorry you have to deal with that. I don't think I would be able to stay there for a long time.
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    Raise a complain to HR saying you feel abused in the work place and targeted for racist reasons. If u were asked how this is racist, reply with another complain saying your culture is being belittled by lack of acknowledgment of offensive topics and that u feel even more offended. 2 people can play this game... fucking pussies.
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    Umm.. Change 'girl' to a 'madam' then 😁

    also this should work: 'hey, here is that patch I promised to you, Yag. Can I call you Yag? If not - any other easier to pronounce version of your name? Otherwise I will have to call you 'coleague', you know :) '
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    Do what I do.
    Call everyone Fatso. Or motherfucker.
    As in - good job motherfucker. Or - nice one Fatso!
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    That's why I don't like big corps. Yeah the pay is better, but you'll always have Whiny Wendy, Presentation Pete, Slimy Sicko, Clueless Charles and Femi Fiona.

    The show is not only big enough to support these useless chararacters, but also to conceal their non-performance. Even worse, since they don't do anything useful, they are instead busy making everyone's life miserable.
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    @rutee07 you own your shit. Respect++

    Maybe OP should only do that. Own your style man. Be true to yourself.
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    OK, I think I have the ultimate solution:

    Problem: company policy

    Solution: 1. Use their weapons against them

    2. Utilize your expertise

    3. Divide and conquer

    4. ???

    5. Profit! (sorry, couldn't resist)

    So, how to apply:

    1. Say you have prosopagnosia (bribe a doctor if needed)

    2. Assign pointer values to everyone (no kidding, here is our expertise at work)

    3. Start calling everyone by their pointers. "Hey, Mr 0x0034CA2D, nice job!" - all can feel offended, but you are just being fair to everyone, and they discriminate against YOU!

    4. Watch the fireworks, as their exploitation of company policy hits them in the face.

    5. Enjoy!

    Tell us how it turned out.
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    What about about prefixing their first name with 'Miss'? Like, "Good morning Miss Kelly."

    Our resident social justice warrior told me that was offensive, saying "Professional women don't like that word, Miss. They feel it is demeaning to their gender, assumes a marital status, and creates a hostile working environment."

    I can't keep up with what will offend people these days.
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    @rutee07 @rutee07 The ex-employee 'John' was about all I could could stomach as far as his political correctness. Absolutely nothing wrong with observing and appreciating one's differences (the 'Golden Rule') but to listen rant as if everyone but him was racist, masochistic..etc..etc..ect (and he is white).

    For example, we have several communities of Mennonites in the area and I made a comment about how I bought some bread at a farmer's market.

    J: "Oh, don't get me started on them. #1, they don't pay taxes because of their so-called 'religion', they openenly reject the LGBTQ+ community, and you will never, ever see someone of color driving those stupid horse & buggies."

    Me: "I don't believe they think too much about our social issues."

    J: "You support them if you want, but I'll never, ever give money to that racist organization."

    I knew if I said anything else (like the history, facts, etc) he would march to HR.
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    @PaperTrail I guess I would have answered something like "well that's why their hoods aren't ghettos plagued by gang shootings, drugs and HIV."
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    You would get in shit for this at most small companies too. It's unfriendly and unprofessional to make up your own names for people, and also unprofessional to refer to adults in the workplace as if they were kids. Normally it would be best to start by gently asking people to their face to stop, but if you react this badly and still haven't learned to stop then they probably didn't feel comfortable. Call people by the name they introduce themselves to you by until you're on friendly enough terms to do otherwise, it's really not hard. If you didn't catch how to pronounce it the first time, you can ask them politely to repeat it.
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    Also I'm not sure if this is an ESL issue (wrong word choice?) but if someone brought this up to you and your first idea is to "retaliate" then that's kind of messed up and might be a hint as to why they took it directly to HR. Asking you not to use a certain nickname isn't an attack against you and it doesn't require retaliation, all it requires is a "whoops my bad" and then use the preferred names.
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    @rutee07 I can't imagine what you will do to all these people "you'd love to meet" 🤣
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    'John' is a master 'victim' and manipulator. I'm 100% sure if you didn't already expect the BS, he could easily convince you that the whole world was againt him. I've seen that act work time and time again. Its like a super power.
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    My favorites were when 'John' would pit developers against one another by passive-aggressivly saying things like ..

    J: "Get your service fixed?"

    K: "Not yet. A library changed and broke the contract. No big deal. Probably need to break the dependency anyway so this doesn't happen again."

    <John heads over to A's desk>

    J: "Just talked to K, boy is he pissed. Your last code change broke the WCF service contract"

    A: "Oh crap, really? I didn't think his service was using my library. I'll fix it."

    J: "Yea, he said you should have tested your 'fucking code'. His words, not mine."

    A: "Geez, what an asshole"

    J: "Yea, no kidding. I never liked K"

    <J heads back to K's desk>

    J: "Ran into 'A', wow, he really doesn't like you. He heard about breaking your service and said you should have written the service right the first time."

    K: "Fucking asshole"

    J: "I know. I never liked A"
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    This shit is everywhere. I recently got told that I was "abrasive" to people who weren't on the web team. But they couldn't provide any examples or tell me who complained so I'm not sure I can fix it haha.
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