Recruiters with no clue (a recurring theme it seems).

Got an e-mail this morning via LinkedIn proposing a position in Zurich (Switzerland) doing customization of an application according to business needs, configuration of interfaces, gathering of requirements, 2nd level support etc.

DID YOU READ ANYTHING MY LINKEDIN SAYS? I work in storage support (doing mostly troubleshooting of FC/iSCSI issues between storage and hosts), and live in Amsterdam, and while I would like to pivot to a SW dev job, this seems to be way over my grade of experience, plus I have no desire to go living in Switzerland.


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    We could have used you skillset a few weeks back 😁

    On a Friday night a cluster of 4 hosts lost their iSCSI paths to a old storage array (although, it seemed like it, I'm just a stupid PHP developer).
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    ++ for no desire to move to Switzerland. It’s a shit hole.
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    @just8littleBit Oh really? I am curious to know why is that
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    @Airalis93 because the people are a bunch of racists, the government is a vampire nest that feeds on the pocket of the poor and the money you make is not as good as people think considering cost of living and additional cost that you don’t even have to pay in other countries..

    And they truly hate Germans and I’m German.

    Of coourrrrsssee not everyone is the same, my best friend is Swiss. But he’s my only Swiss friend so yeah.
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    @just8littleBit Oh I see - that really sucks :/
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