http 500 internal server error

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    I like how the Frontend was smiling and expecting a 200 OK
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    What would happen on a 200 error response?
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    @k0pernikus 200 is per definition not an error.

    Or am I missing something?
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    @olback that's correct. But you know people abuse status codes.

    1. 200 OK with a response body having an isError flag to indicate whether it truly succeeded or not.
    2. 404 for unauthorized endpoint invocations
    3. 400 for too many requests
    4. 503 for internal server errors

    There may be even more
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    Its better then waiting a response 15 seconds and timeout
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    @olback You are such a summer child. Yes, one would think that an error should never have 200 OK. Yet I have seen things, I'd rather unsee.
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    Isn't that the correct answer ?
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    @asgs My old company (startup) used to do that; returning 200 and having an error code on top. I hated it.
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    @cst1992 yeah. As our Architect uses to say, it is a synonym for "Successful Failure"
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