Don't really have one but I've git to say that I find it rather cool that Linus Torvalds thought "fuck it, we need an open Unix alternative" and that a very big potion of the world runs on the kernel he wrote for a big part, now.

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    Pun intended? Yes, of course.
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    I love how he said in an interview that he was doing it for himself actually and that it was just a project in a series of projects.^^
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    Dont forget how he admired GNU ;)
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    i have the feeling that things were just simplier back in the prehistoric times. Like, if you want to do something yourself these days someone already bested you and all you do is just a weak shadow of what others accomplish. Till you find a niche, but then comes some big player and buys you or just copies everything novell you got.
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    "Developers developers developers developers"
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