I have an interview tomorrow, but I kinda feel like a dick about it.

A former coworker asked for a reference for a job and told me about the position.. I agreed, and a recruiter dealing with them calls to get it. While on the call I leave them a brief blurb about my skillset and we agree that I'll keep his details on file just in case (I wasn't looking to move on, but I do like to keep in touch with recruiters who don't seem to be a pita)

A month goes by and my position is suddenly ending soon, so I call him and ask if there is anything new.. no, but.. the same employer I gave a reference for would like to talk with me about that same position.

I'd never have heard about the job without my former coworker asking for a reference, but on the other hand, if they are still looking after a month, surely my former coworker wasn't really still in the running, right?

Anyway.. awkward conversation ahead should I get the job.

Also, wish me luck 😁

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    maybe you should ask him?
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    @calmyourtities why cause drama if I don't get it or don't accept the position for whatever reason?

    End of the day, I feel like a bit of a dick.. but, self-preservation n all.
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    @torpkev I agree with @calmyourtities. You don't have to tell your former colleague you are applying for the job, just ask how it went.
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    @HisAxelency that's a fair point, maybe I misunderstood the point there
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    Well, quick update. Super glad I didn't bother telling my former coworker about it.

    Job was billed to me as full time, fully remote except occasional meetings on site.

    First thing they say "this job is on-site only, no remote possibility". Then follow up with, oh, and it's a 6 month contract gig only, maybe full time if you're a good fit and business needs are there.

    By this point they'd already lost me.. I'm not doing a 6 month gig, but they managed to out-do themselves even more by telling me it's Monday-Saturday, also two Sundays per month (on-site only). And when I mentioned the fact that we're in bumblefuck, Midwest and what is their policy on road closures and blizzards.. told that is have to take a vacation day to get paid for that.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaa no
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    Oh, and they flat out told me when I got there tht my former coworker hadn't gotten the job due to their inexperience with Dynamics ax
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    That's recruiters for you. They promise you everything you want (actually they promise that to both parties). Almost always ends up being different.
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