Debian dist-upgrade: not a single reboot

Windows updates:

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    and you can keep using your stuff while it updates :D
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    Add something to your systems PATH? Reboot!
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    Cuz windows updates use a bootstrapping process
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    and dist-upgrade wont take the new kernel or new shared drivers in effect without restarting. The windows kernel is much larger, that why you need to restart to take the new changes in effect.

    Ever logged in and saw like this

    *** A system restart is required ***

    and you need to run sudo reboot to get rid of that?
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    Try to understand people, Windows is a commercial operating system. Most of the time this reboots are for security patches. Not everyone is a dev who uses their OS cleverly. They need protections for other people as well
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    This sucks if have to choose Windows In Boot order
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    @NMerz you understand my pain. Pressing F12 every time before my computer starts in to arch linux...
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