Well, fuck. I was messing with my grandma's phone settings, now she can't send or receive SMS anymore, and I can't remember how to set everything back the way it was.
Why the fuck did I have to mess with it anyway? Everything was working correctly, and now it's borked.

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    Check her APN settings. Her provider should have the default values somewhere online
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    Maybe it's just full. Try deleting all her photos and Facebook likes.
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    Lol! Are you the opposite version of family tech support guy? XD
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    @HoloDreamer try @simonblack tips and also restart after changing apn
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    Some countries don't have hot reload 😂 I'm looking at you EU
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    @simonblack I didn't touch the APN settings, and they were definitely working fine the when I set things up a week ago.

    I was messing with app permissions and special permissions because I had noticed that I had missed some things when I set up her phone a year ago, but I was changing too much stuff too quickly, and then I couldn't remember how to set it back anymore, so I'm not sure what's actually broken.
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    @endor backup the data and then factory reset?
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    @HoloDreamer I'm the Icarus support guy: I tried to fly too close to a perfectly tight setup, and I messed with stuff that I'm not as familiar with.

    I guess I still have a lot to learn about the inner workings of Android stuff.
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    @Wack hmmm, that's kind of an extreme approach... idk, might do that if I'm really desperate though, thanks for the idea.
    (Sorry, saw your comment just now)
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    Just so it
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    @endor Ive had APN settings reset on me magically more than once, I'd still check.

    If it's for sure a permissions issue, I'd logcat over adb and see if there's any selinux permission messages.. or any other messages for that matter.

    "setenforce 0" will set selinux to permissive after which you can try sending again. "setenforce 1" will set back to enforcing. You'll need root
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    @simonblack thanks, I'll give that a try tomorrow (although the phone is not rooted, and I've never done that before, so I don't know how far I'll be able to get)
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    @endor Np!
    Your only options without root is to try wiping dalvik / cache. if that fails, without root, you are left with a factory reset.

    There are other potential solutions but none which I could walk you through without a back and forth dialogue while you have the phone within reach/

    If you've never rooted before, you've probably never unlocked the bootloader as well. If you plan on going the root route, it's important to know that the moment the bootloader is unlocked, Android will force you to factory reset anyway.
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    @endor I've done that (changed too much at once)😭...on a phone
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