I hate all the hate, violence, and abuse in the world. I live somewhat close to one of the recent mass shootings and I’m fortunate to not have known anyone involved. But I wish we’d just stop trying to point fingers and actually do something about the mental health here. All the Racism, Sexism (on both sides), and mental health that goes unchecked genuinely makes me sad. And this bullshit with Walmart taking down any advertisements for “violent video games” but still selling guns is horse shit. Idc if you sell the guns but if you’re going to fuck over video games for nothing because they’re never the cause, then stop selling guns if you’re rolling off this bullshit logic.

I hope everyone is safe and doing okay.

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    Unfortunately the hatred is a profitable business model.

    But I do agree, the world would be a lot better of without it.
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    long live reactionary politics, eh?
    shit never works, just makes people feel good because they can point fingers, and pointing fingers doesn't require much effort.
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    US politicians: video games make for horrible mass killings.

    Also US politicians: a track record of sending death and destruction all over the world.
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    @rutee07 what if gitignore .gitignore?
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    @aviophile Your avatar's face makes your comment even better.
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    "ViDEo gAmeS MaKE pEOplE ViOLent"
    Did you forget we literally had two WORLD wars before video games were even invented?
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    @rutee07 Time passes for all of us, my friend.

    Edit: I could also be messing with you. Who knows :D
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    @rutee07 non-sense. I was always like this. Are you copying me?
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    @aviophile nah, you used to look like a Spanish playboy.
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    @SoldierOfCode this is temporal fallacy. Just because we had something bad in the past bcs of set of reasons, it does not mean we wont have sth bad now bcs of different reasons.
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