I wonder what the budget was to just increase the border width of the ghost.

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    Probably $10 gorillion
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    *click* *backspace* *3* *Ctrl+s*

    > Now to wait for my $5m paycheck
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    Does it bother anyone else that it's completely symmetrical?
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    I'm still annoyed by this tbh lmao
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    I've noticed Snapchat using some really genius marketing strategies. The face filters, especially the gender change ones, speed and altitude stickers, Shazam integration, streaks, they have everything they need to not be "another messaging app" and psychologically force people to use it more often.

    Now people are talking about such a minor change and I guarantee at least 50% of them will start using it again if they already had it installed.
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    Snapchat done an amazing update now it actually running more faster than the last version, all thanks to that border XD
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