Aaron Swartz
Also one of the saddest hostories in modern IT

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    His tragic story led me to great writer Cory Doctorow and his books like “Little Brother” - great book about modern technology and invigilation.
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    That is sad. Thanks for sharing.
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    Still so fucked up he could face like over 30 years in jail time. Tbh all these sentences for "cybercrime" are ridiculous. I still feel sad about the entire case.
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    I can definitely recommend the documentary about his life. It's one of the movies that devastates you by showing the uglyness of today's world while in the same time fills you with hope and astonishment, that people like him live among us
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    @Frederick And what the hell's this with millions of dollars in fines/bail? In what world is that fair?
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    Aaron Swartz should be a symbol of resistance to the monopoly of knowledge in modern time
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    @HCC5GDKc7 I watched it multiple times and at some moments I'm in tears again 😥
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