Just spent an hour looking at the NYC Subway maps vs the direction Google wanted me to take.

Google found the most efficient way is to take E train then transfer to R which then goes back a bit like a U-turn to get to my stop.

Then looking at the subway map, I can just take the R train... Since none of these trains are express... How the fuck did Google think that A-B-C is faster than A-C....

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    Cause Google saw there was a mugging in progress and routed you around it.
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    @Demolishun I was looking for tomorrow morning, I even put in arrive by 10am
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    Cause Google knew there WOULD BE a mugging and routed you around it?
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    Shortest distance vs shortest time?
    Also, there's going to be a mugging in the morning, you might want to get on that B train.
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    @C0D4 well the point is moot now as I forgot I need to goto NYC on Monday too for a full day of appointments.

    But basically instead of the orange line. I can replace it with the yellow and not have to backtrack.

    As for getting mugged, pretty sure that's a constant but very low risk, especially during the day time... unless Google is sponsoring them...
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    Oh fck Google was right...
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    Hahahaha hahahaha
    Googles Prediction model is working.

    Wait, what kind of ad is that?
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    @C0D4 no idea... But it's definitely not something I'm interested in....
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    @billgates Google will be right as long as the data they have is right 😜
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    @billgates I'm horrified by the left picture of that advertisement 😐
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    Came here to learn what route did you finally take, stayed for the advertisement
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