Impossible to make a living being freelancer!

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    Clearly it isn't, or all the other freelancers would have quit and gone back to regular jobs!
    What exactly is the problem you're having? Maybe we can give done useful advice...
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    @ThomasRedstone is right... tho i would agree its not easy being a one man show jumping between sales, project mangement, and coding... and eventually delivering to get paid. but of course we can help :)
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    Not easy but possible. If you don't have a vast clientele just be competitive in your prices, but do not undersell yourself. Upgrade yourself by learning new things. Everything will work out. I believe in you. Stay strong!
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    It is possible but I admit starting out it's hard to compete with someone who can afford to earn far less than you
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    Starting out is hard, keep at it and do a good job and price yourself right a big part of jobs will be referrals
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    @ThomasRedstone it has big ups and downs, you have to be the salesman, accountant, developer, manager, maybe i am in a bad streak, losing motivation, thinking about the future, and getting a job, it has a lot of good things but the risk is big on long term
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    I hate how the prices are low now with all the competition thats willing to work for peanuts. :/
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    @WerewolfCustoms if your product is better than the competition's then you have to sell it like that ("you *could* go with this guy but do you really want to have a website that screams 'low budget operation' ?")

    On the other hand, if you're in a market where there's little to separate your product from the competition you've got to find a better niche
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