There are times when being "friendly neighbor it guy" pays back.
I have a neighbors, their son is little less intelligent than average person after being injured in accident, I help them from time to time. He gets the pc trashed with adware, usual stuff, they ask me to clean it up.

Recently I broke my arm. They offered to cook for me until I recover to full health... Seriously, that's huge help when you live alone and spend most time working. I'm glad to have them.

Wanted to share with you guys, there are people who appreciate your help with their pc and can give back if you're in need.

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    Seems like you're a decent human being, and they are as well :)
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    It's always nice to hear such things, considering what's happening here and there on the world.

    @HisAxelency I quite like your name.
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    @Jilano @HisAxelency thank you.
    I wanted to share something that's positive and brings back trust in people. Great to read that you appreciate it!
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    @mt3o Thank you for your story! I really appreciate it!
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