Ugh, tomorrow I have to work again again after 5 weeks vacation so I figured let's update my antergos installation on my work laptop so I can jump right into the current issues. Turns out something broke my installation 5 weeks ago to the point where I can't login into my DE. So here I am attempting to fix it before tomorrow starts, 3 hours in :l

I both love and hate Linux at the same time

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    Well, antergos tried to remove itself. Mine failed with a weird error that was breaking my updates. I'm not sure about weeks from then, but back then just commenting out antergos repos from list of mirrors did the job for me.
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    What? i saw this only on ubuntu/debian.
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    Are you having a login loop? Which DE and DM are you using?

    I’ve had a login loop on LightDM on Ubuntu once, I think I solved it by chown’ing the .Xauthority file, but I don’t remember what I did exactly.
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    Turns out only thing I had to do was reinstall lightdm :/
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    you can always install any other DE/DM to keep going. It's not a blocker. Merely an inconvenience :)
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    @netikras true, if you know that's the cause though
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    Sorry, I was too jealous to read past "5 weeks vacation!"
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