Ugh, tomorrow I have to work again again after 5 weeks vacation so I figured let's update my antergos installation on my work laptop so I can jump right into the current issues. Turns out something broke my installation 5 weeks ago to the point where I can't login into my DE. So here I am attempting to fix it before tomorrow starts, 3 hours in :l

I both love and hate Linux at the same time

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    What? i saw this only on ubuntu/debian.
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    Are you having a login loop? Which DE and DM are you using?

    I’ve had a login loop on LightDM on Ubuntu once, I think I solved it by chown’ing the .Xauthority file, but I don’t remember what I did exactly.
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    Turns out only thing I had to do was reinstall lightdm :/
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    you can always install any other DE/DM to keep going. It's not a blocker. Merely an inconvenience :)
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    @netikras true, if you know that's the cause though
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    Sorry, I was too jealous to read past "5 weeks vacation!"
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