I'm in a interview. I'm scared like I'm gonna shit in my pants. This is my second interview after graduating

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    If it's a novice interviewer, they'd be more scared than you are 😉
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    It's okay to be nervous but also remember it's a good opportunity to learn (if it's a good interview) and understand your strengths and weaknesses better. It's also a time to see if the company is a good fit for you ☺

    Have fun
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    Thanks for your kind words and the interview went terrible. A friend of a guy who gave me a algorithm to solve had a accident outside so everyone forget about me and he told me that they will call me back afterwards. They didn't even check the solution. What a weird day shiiit
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    @codefreak we'll just drop them an email later in the week, hope the accident wasn't serious!

    Imo pair programming is better than take home which is too lengthy especially if you are already holding down an existing job!
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    I know it's been almost two months since this was posted, but we're all wondering how it went, and what happened since then.

    So, how'd it go?
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    @Wisecrack Yeah thanks for asking the next morning I received a mail "Sorry we don't feel you meet the potential blah blah blah....".
    I felt like a dumbass that day.
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    Hey, hey, hey. Realign your viewpoint. I got turned down for an $80,000 USD contract for a project because while it showed potential (or so they said) it needed to be 'cooked' longer and wasn't far enough along to where the fund would traditionally invest.

    What came of it? Huge amounts of feedback, step by step walk throughs to get approved, general industry feedback.

    Point is, 1. most things are gonna fail 2. so don't invest too heavily in time or effort, 3. and consequently most failure is really just an opportunity to test out your approach.

    I always ask to walk through the office first, before going straight to the interview. Meet a few people, talk to them if possible. Lot of times you can meet people while waiting, get the insider view, tips, exchange emails, etc.

    And then guess what, you've got someone inside who, even if they wont recommend you, can give you *useful* tips to make it in another company in the same industry.

    Fwiw, good luck.
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    @Wisecrack wow thanks man that means a lot to me.
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