Okay i am torn here.
Specifically for Indian devs(better if you into android)
Would you be willing to work for Rs 10k per month for 6 months at a startup as your first job?

- nearby job. Its like 20 minutes metro ride
- known people and code base. I had worked with them last summer and know all their codebase. Its very large and will make me learn lots of new stuff.

- nothing formal: its a startup, they don't have any bonds, they don't give any equity, any bonus, any compensation stuff etc.

- Too less salary: lesser than that of a delivery guy or auto driver

- Too much work load: they are going to fuck me up straight in terms of work. They got only 1 super man sikh who made the whole stuff and who wouldn't be there most of the time. I have to read his code, understand it , learn all the libraries and then make new features all by myself

- Too much pressure : they are going to take away my 6/7 days and then may call for update on sunday. Plus they will be expecting me to complete a task(which includes all the stuff i added in the workload point) in like 1-2 days

- better options available (i guess?) : If i don't go there, i would either continue to apply for more Android related jobs, or would start learning more on competitive i.e changing the whole path stuff,etc.

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    I don't know much about some of the things you mentioned, nor am I from India, but there are too much cons in my opinion.
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    Youll burn out for little cash. If you really need experience and cant go anywhere else take it.
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    For the rest of the world, thats 140$

    Which is a straight no lmao, doesnt matter how cheap your country is, 140 is fucking pocket change
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    @tekashi exactly, OP should value their time more
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    No. 10k per month for what looks like a full time job is ridiculous, look for a better opportunity. Your time is worth more.

    No free time for 6 months and 60k in the bank is a terrible deal, especially if you're still studying.
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    Another pro is that if you do very well, startups give pay raises quickly.
    I went from starting at 8k to 32k in 2.5 years, when I left to go to another company, and now I'm at 50k.
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    HOWEVER, make sure there are a few seniors in there and a few team members to watch your back and for guidance. Otherwise it's a sure way to burnout.
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    @cst1992 Or you *start* at a proper company for close to 50k, instead of being a slave to worthless startups that work you like a dog
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    Also, lack of formal stuff is a huge red flag when combined with the low pay, plus the work doesn't look like something that will teach you a lot. You shouldn't give this much to a startup unless you're part of the startup itself and not just an employee (and since they're not giving you any equity, that's moot anyway).

    It's not about how much you'll learn at that place. If you take that job, you "pay" 6 months of your time. You need to get the best out of that payment, taking this job means not taking something else that could be better (opportunity cost). You'll learn a ton of real world stuff at literally any startup that's doing work, look for a better deal in terms of money, equity, and/or mentorship (this one looks terrible on all three points).
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    Fucking hell even with extremely good pay I wouldn't take that job. $140/month and you get to work on Saturdays and probably Sundays... Yeah right lmao
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    @cst1992 as i said there is only 1 senior sikh who is basically running all the aspects of that startup with his team of 7-8 employees.

    And about the learning part. , Well i was saying that i might learn more , because even after 2 years in android dev, there are a vast no. Of professional libraries and frameworks that i have not used. But his code uses those, so i will get atleast an exposure to those. Although i doubt he will be giving me enough free time to learn anything in deep
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    Aagh fuck am tired of being classified as a looser. From getting miserable results in clg papers to people berating my profile for lesser wages than a peon, i don't know what to do next.

    Anyone tell me what do i do/learn in next 6 months that you would hire me for a decent pay?
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    Yeah Chief, that's gonna be a no from me
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    Well, I am from India and I am working with a start-up companies; hit point I am intern there with the same month wage but the difference is that they treat me well and nicely, they understand me and help me if they can ( there is just one more Android dev working with me that to remote) and most important while I am studying they give me break if I need for my exam. Yes, I had a lot of experience from them and learnt a lot. Few a time when I had no work over that project I was exploring new things, they said they aren't gonna pay full but will cut off the amount as per the work I produce. It's okay for me as they already had done a lot to me, before. I worked at office for 2 straight months and then rest from WFH. If I am in your place I would be looking for a better opportunities.

    And, my head told me that he was looking for a long term work with me 2 months back though the fact is I was just hired as a test program of 2 months internship.
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    @12bitfloat Good luck finding a starting salary of 50k as an intern in my city.
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    @cst1992 Maybe not as an intern but can't you just start as a normal mid-level dev?
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    Surely you can scrape more even as a freelancer doing odd job here and there?
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    I don't know how many years you're into the workforce,but as a fresher I can tell you get a job where you can develop a good profile.
    Money can be earned later but in big companies you don't get to build a profile. In the startup do everything that improves you. They'll use you to better their system you use em to improve yourself.
    2yrs later quit with an awesome resume and get a market rate salary in a big company, work there for a year and then make the big jump to fat salary with a big company on your resume and grt tech exposure from the startup.
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    @Sid4597 that's what i exactly think about, The chance to grow. You think a company with 1) an isolated codebase with a lot of fine libraries that i haven't used or learnt about (2) no senior developers/mentors (3) too much pressure would together come out as a good opportunity to grow? Even though i am putting my self respect of being a good developer aside( i have been doing android dev for more than 2 years now )

    And maybe not everyone can understand this, but our country has a population of 1.3 fucking billion. I am too sad about the money but i am guessing that every next startup is going to pay me like this with more or less a similar situation.
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    @arraysstartat1 i guess so. I haven't tried freelancing yet but this looks like an interesting option. Even though every next person wants to get a "like facebook but x" or "like amazon but y" app. I think i might try that. Its just i wanted to go for a career but looks like that's complicated
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    @TitanLannister let me put it blunt. You won't learn anything there! Sure, you might learn a framework or deepen your knowledge in that particular framework, but with just one senior and constant time preassure, lack of formal structure, you won't learn anything about programming, there won't be code reviews nor improvement days/weeks.

    So we have
    Cons: a shit ton
    Pros: none

    Conclusion: don't do it!
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    @TitanLannister if you're 2yrs into android and have good experience you ought to go for a big company, cause now you have the experience and now you need the salary base. Start-ups won't pay you much cause they don't have any money. Since you've established yourself you might as well suck up to TCS or infy get their brand on your resume, work on a few international projects and in a yr or two jump ship to something better maybe abroad if that's your inclination. Cause experience doesn't fill tummies. And startups don't have no money to give so they're good stepping stones but since it seems that you've done your time there, now go hit the big ones for a salary base.
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    Previous dev job was in startup company, one tip: stay away from them if you can.
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    @Sid4597 Infy or TCS - what a joke.
    Couldn't you have picked a worse company?
    @TitanLannister Look for a good product company. Service companies like Infy, TCS, or *shudder* Tech Mahindra are just employee farms. You'll hate it there, especially being someone so fresh. I know, from firsthand experience.
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    @TitanLannister also, Tech Mahindra has *terrible* HR.
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    Is this job in Pune? It sounds too similar to a fucked up start up I interned at. And if you're not in dire need of a job i.e. got responsibility of feeding a family or something, please don't go for this option. They'll juice you out of your talent and leave you brain dead.
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    @noobnoodle nope from delhi. And didn't went there
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