My web hosting company, DigitalOcean, sent me a sticker via mail out of the blue.

No explanation, no letter, just the sticker. I just found this to be super awesome.

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    Perhaps I should put in my address info in my account 🤔
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    Techy shark do dodododo
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    Server Shark do do do doo do doo
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    Hey this is Remote Sammy 🐋
    do dododo dooo do do do doo
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    Sat what you want of their services (which are actually really great), they have an amazing team of people working there
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    Too bad Sammy eats pages and releases 404 bubbles sometimes
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    Something similar happened to me, just from netlify. Maybe I signed up somewhere did something....no idea. And I am not even what you would call a regular user.....but getting the digital ocean is a different level. Me want.
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