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God!!! And I wanted to start learning web development. Should I even start with HTML? I mean.. ugh!

Any SANE web developer here who could share their usual tools for building a website.

And if you would use entire different tool sets for different sites, which ones would you use for which kinds of sites?

(Is this question too much?)

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    I'm using Pug for templating (even when I'm coding static sites). SCSS for styling. Then I'm using Grunt as a Task runner. I'm using browserify for Javascript client side package management with the babelify transform to transpile ES6.1 Then I'm running grunt-postcss to apply the autoprefixer plugin to my css.

    That's a pretty easy to use setup if you wanna get started
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    Well it actually comes down to what kind of website it is(and there are a lot of kinds to be listed here)
    The only thing constant from my end is my ATOM.

    Each time there's a website i just search for the best framework to build it on.

    Of course you need to start with HTML because in the end they all render as HTML, and then you start adding CS and JS for usability and features, and then you need to cherry pick your frameworks and not just throwing anything that looks beautiful.

    I despise any tool that has control over the whole website(ex: wordpress it's a great tool for blogging and for people who have no coding background, but sometimes it can be quite a pain in the ass, forcing you to resort to their own methods, anw that's another rant)

    Regarding the Back-end i personally prefer PHP for it's simplicity for beginners and the powerful tool that it can be for professionals and the fact that it's more abundant and reliable.
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    What i did when i first starting web, is that i looked at other people's work and websites and learned what they and why they did that and tried to add something on top of it, i don't know if you can find open source back end code but i reckon they would be a bit too advanced, starting with any tutorial about the subject is a great help.
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    @shaki great tips you gave here. I'm want to stay a bit away of web development for a while. I find learning it a pain in the assembly, cause you need a lot of technologies to get the work done.
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    Thank you for the replies.
    I am still clueless at the moment, I have a bit more knowledge about it, but still clueless.

    I assume that once I dive in to it, it'll be more clear.
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    @BartBB just start with simple HTML and JS. You'll get familiar with the ecosystem after a while anyway.
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    Best advice I could've been given. Thank you!
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