Bless my programming-mentors for telling me about ~/.ssh/config

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    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/key
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    @kescherRant IdentityFile ~/.ssh/lock 😛
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    Even though it's useless, I give every server it's own keypair.
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    @LinusCDE I disagree, one compromised key means one server to fix
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    @alexbrooklyn I disagree with your disagreement.
    When se public key leaks, nobody can fake you (for that you have a private key).
    And if somebody gains access to your private key, he probably has also access to all other keys in the same directory.

    Only helpful thing is to prevent fingerprinting you, as having the same key everywhere is kinda like an email. Providers could compare those (or hashes of them) if they wanted to.
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    @LinusCDE Hey that sounds like it makes sense
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