Can anyone direct me to a Javascript stack system design using AWS? (Visual representation or a blog about how to make something like this)

It would be great if it had Angular, Node.js being used on EC2 instances with a ELB and a RDS (master and slave) instances, some caching etc.

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    I have no experience with JS, but a bit of AWS.

    Statics file can be published over S3.
    The application is put into EC2 instances in an on auto scaling groups behind a load balancer.
    You can configure the configuration scripts ("install nodejs, your application...") as "user data", executed as VM instance.

    For caching, there is Elasticache, a managed Red is or memcached.
    RDS is "just" a managed SQL database.

    If you manage those complex infrastructure, you may want to use something like Terraform or other infrastructure as code solutions, to put changes to the infrastructure into version control.

    What you finally want to consider, the infrastructure you described will cost a bit more.
    In contrast to "normal" VMs, EC2 and RDS instances are expensive, but AWS allows you to easily scale and follow changing requirements.
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    You can deploy angular Web apps as docker containers on ec2 using elastic beanstalk. Using CloudFormation or Terraform is definitely the easiest and most reproducible way of deploying. If you are using a static site, you can use s3 to host the pages and then use cloudfront, a cdn, as caching on edge nodes

    FYI, an RDS instance costs ~2x the EC2 equivalent but the database is managed for you.
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