Welcome to the future guys.

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    It is getting real... this and other funny things are brought to an extreme in the book "QualityLand". Really funny distopian story
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    Wait, you guys don't monitor your doorbell-API w/ automatic failover in case of an outage???
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    IoT that do not include any local failsafes are crapware
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    And this is why, as a software engineer, I will never allow any “smart home” devices into my house.

    Unreliable, insecure wiretaps with barely more functionality than the original (and far cheaper) low-tech versions. See also: IoT, aka Internet of Trash.

    Ring doorbell?
    Doorbell + peephole/window. Neither upload footage of my front door and my neighbors.

    Smart lock?
    Deadbolt + chain. Cant hack either of them.

    Google home?
    A bloody light switch. And the light switch doesn’t talk back or stop working, or record my conversations.
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    Write your own shit, don't use anything that isn't local.

    Problem solved.
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    @Root "alexa, shut down computer zone."

    "There are multiple devices named computer zone, which one did you want?"


    *Shuts down living room*

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    @Root google home = light switch + throwing sandals
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    @volttide Way better than paying for something that listens in on me and my family all day long.

    Seriously, I could buy a Clapper instead.
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    Can I self host my doorbell?
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    The worst is the Lexus door opening and anti-theft wireless signals that can be recorded with a basic network sniffer and replayed with a perfectly legal transmitter. There have been issues recently on that.

    No failsafe manual mechanism and key contact inside to deny easy theft. What kind of garbage development process they have over there?

    There is good IoT tech available but so many mickey mouse companies using it wrong.
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    @Root that's a great idea for a company, iot devices with a server you can run locally
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    Lexus (or more specifically, Toyota) uses whatever japanese labor wants a job first, then whatever is left is farmed out for their indian sweatshop in Frisco, tx.
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    @Root I’ve only got a couple for hobbyist security research, most of the things I’ve found are pretty basic.... I don’t blame you for not having them 😂
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    Multiple self hosted Raspberry Pi-based alternatives exists. It‘s called DoorPi or so
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    @Root you can def hack a deadbolt and chain lock.
    And not only by social engineering
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    @mundo03 I can see a chain, but a deadbolt?
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    @Root magnets? JK
    I was thinking on one of those that have keys, so can be lock picked.
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    @mundo03 Fair point.

    And apparently picking is quick and easy if you practice.
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    @Root I can confirm, there are also electric lockpicks which make it super fast
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