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    what is githubw a ruins
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    Github aka Microsoft, that due to recent US development had to ban users from accessing github and their data

    not quite interesting anymore that they are scrambling up features gitlab offered forever now or that can be executed externally so you're not vendor locked, e. g. droneci, which can be selfhosted too.
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    @JoshBent If I'm honest I haven't actually looked into that ban, but weren't they obligated to do that? I mean, it's terrible, but still? Also, I'd rather see that the keep up and try to patch up the thing that they're missing instead of just stopping development completely.
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    @ScriptCoded not directly obligated iirc, fact is that they got denied service entirely and couldn't recover any bits or pieces, which is insulting enough.
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    Hail GitLab. Booo poo GitHub.
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