Today I took a taxi to work.
I put on my hands free on my both ears and started watching an online course.
After a while I payed the driver with a bill expecting him to give back the rest.
He started whispering sth (but I couldn't hear him!) Then he started looking at me!
Oops! Looks like he was talking to me...
I took of my handsfree and he started talking about young people have became deaf these days ! They have lost their minds !!! (He repeated these all thr way !!)

I did not know what yo say, so I stayed silent and just smiled :)

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    I will fix the incorrect usage of paid/payed in the world.
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    You paid for the cab before you got to the end of the ride?

    Also @jespersh pay to paid is usually only correct for English based folk 😉

    So many times I see payed
    But then it's a word too...
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    @C0D4 it is paid when used in financial terms. Payed for... Some kind of ship thing
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