8:30 - get into office, boot windows
Windows: "Oh man, here's this update. If you're not doing it now, I will start in 15 minutes. No questions asked!"

9:45 - checking update status
Windows: "Well i'm nearly finished, just give me a sec..."

9:55 - whats's my pc doing
Windows: "Hey mate, I did it! I also restored those neat shortcuts to MS EDGE for you. Please use my browser"

10:00 - Well i can finally start working
Windows: "Yeah... you would. But i had to remove theese few applications, because they are not compatible anymore."

11:00 - Okay, installed all my stuff, did some coding. Time to test it. Lets boot up my VM.
Windows: "Oh so sorry mate. Not gonna show my network devices to Virtualbox anymore. Have fun reconfiguring your connections without them."

Fuck this fucking Windows 10!

The only reason we have Win10 on our machines, is because people in my office panicked the last day of the "free upgrade period" (and i was on holidays)...

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    For me this rant counts back to Win95 😂
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    I'm sorry for you dude
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    That sounds brutal
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    I did it, After numerous reboots and more windows updates.

    So vbox repair doesn't work. You have to completely remove the software, reboot and install clean. Now it works. Not satisfactory, but I can test my code...
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    It's posts like this that make me question all the Windows love I read on here. I guess people like jumping through unnecessary but required hoops.
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    Windows 10 wasted 2.5 hours of the OP's work day. Windows 10 wasted a full work day on my GF last month. I couldn't even begin to count how much time Windows 3.1 - 7 wasted on me over the years before I switched over.
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    Surprisingly I've got a nice setup with a quadcore and 16GB RAM. I cannot tell you why it takes so long. But twice in the last two months windows went berserk and started its relentless updating spree.

    And when the dust settles everything seems peacefull. Until the next major update...
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    Just set active hours. At least this kind of works as expected.
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    you can put windows 10 in dev mode, and manually allow the connections to work with vbox, no rebooting and installing rquired, also in windows 10 anneversiry update you can run linux (ubuntu) inside windows 10 without a VM, feels a bit like a reversed wine but ok
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    Unfortunately the update completely removed all references to the vbox virtual network adapters on windows side. (so worse, than just disabling them)

    But the inverse WINE feature from the anniversary update sounds amazing. I'm gonna try that one out for sure.

    thx mate
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    So you can turn off the updates, or use MacOS
    It's a little pricy, but quality of OS and device is higher
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    I'm still new to catching up to the other things outside of editors and IDEs. But why not use Docker? Or use a Linux VM server?

    Pre edit: although looks like there
    aren't windows images for docker.
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    Ha the only reason I have Windows 10 on our family (and only) computer is because my family panicked when I tried to get them to use Linux...
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    @kamen That's not very reassuring at all.
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    @unfinishedCode Why?
    I've been using Windows 10 insider builds since around June last year at home and for a solid period at work as well and I've never had Windows reboot while I'm working. They even extended the period you can set to 18 hours (it was only 8 before).
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    @kamen The way you worded it. 'At least this kind of works as expected.' It seems like you felt the feature may not work, or expectedly for that matter.
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