Do you guys have people in your office that just REFUSE to cooperate, or people who tell you they'll cooperate, but then they literally do anything except for cooperate?

I'm having trouble with the latter; I've been trying to get one of our less experienced members to work on our deployment. He's successfully configured at least 4 other deployments, and this one is the EXACT SAME as the other ones. The issue is that the person who is im control of this particular master console is someone higher up than me, but they don't know how to delegate. Thus everything that they touch becomes their own little pet project that no one else can dare touch, because they'll "mess it up" (not do it the right way according to his limited bible of best practices).

So now I'm stuck here, trying to convince HIS BOSS to get him access, but i even HE cant get him to do it! Now I'm sitting here waiting, getting more and more fed up with this guy, because like i said, it's his MO: im on two other projects with him, and they're all moving at a GLACIER'S pace.

Seriously, if you dont have the time for a project, but it on the backburner, dont start it and make your other projects suffer.

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    either you dont have a technical leader... or a very bad one.
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    He's just a passive aggressive tosser. When he was an infant he stole all the toys offa the other kids and held them hostage in his playpen. They never fucking change. The best we can hope for is that a semi will take him out when he walks through an intersection when the don't walk sign is flashing because he thinks everyone will stop for him.
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    With people who are chasing the next shiny project, I go for the bait and switch. "Yo, you seen this project over here? If you want to chip in I'll always take some stuff off your plate, like that environment."

    Or if it's someone who just doesn't understand their own workload I place deadlines on what I need. "Hey, don't mean to bother you but I was hoping to get that environment sorted by the end of the week. Though if you're busy if you give X access by Thursday they said they can sort it for me." So that they either have to focus on it or give it up.
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    @IainVM yeah, the issue is i have no way to enforce any deadlines on them
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    @arcsector it's not usually an enforcement but simply a declaration that gets people moving. In the end most deadlines could be moved back a little if needs be. But we all try hit the first deadline. It's like posing a challenge.
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    @IainVM for sure, it still doesnt help if I'm over here floundering when i needed something done two weeks ago and they just refuse to do it.
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