I work at a place where all the employees are pretty much on the user side of the spectrum and they have 3 chromebooks. Some would think that's not really a problem, chromebooks are fine for simple tasks BUT they weren't able to setup the printer correctly so they were only able to print one copy at a time. These people never used anything other than Windows and they already struggle with that, so I think it was a waste of money for the company, and I'm pretty sure they just went for it because it was cheaper. It's a fucking joke, since their employees prefer to bring their pcs to work and only one of the chromebooks is being used.

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    People who make decisions based on hyper-local factors without taking the wider view need to be demoted immediately.

    Don't even get me started on failing to account for unintended consequences. Grrrr.
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    Ooh unsecured, likely unprotected PC's accessing the network.. sounds like fun
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