Me: Ah, just have to finish this one small feature today and this whole massive update is done. Everyone will be off my back, things will calm down. Gonna be great.

Life: hey man, you know what I was thinking? It’s been a really long time since you had one of those vomiting bugs ... you know the gut wrenching, massive headache, can’t do anything but stare at the walls kind of flu’s?

Me: ...... eh I’m ok thanks.

Life: oh buddy you don’t understand ...... RUN!!!

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    You're going to need more than a duck to solve that bug! Seriously though, drink fluids and rest.

    Get well soon
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    Me: I'll just copy this code and check if everything is okay.
    Also me: why the fuck it silently crashes?!
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    Wait, you can get bugs IRL too?
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