I have this headache that...

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    CEO: how's it going mate?
    Me: the house is not going anywhere because there are no wheels. 😂
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    But hey is Scarlett is my CEO then I can finish any deadlines in just 1 day 😁 if you know what I mean
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    @Devnergy yeah we know exactly what you mean bud 😂
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    @Devnergy Aren't we calling out Hollywood actors for this kind of bullshit?
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    Scarlett as the CEO?

    Mamma mia! :D
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- you VS the project manager first haha
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    Mother of god I laughed hard. I hate memes and nearly always downvote them by default (I've got them filtered out, yes) but have a fucking upvote!
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    @linuxxx why the heck do you hate memes?
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    @arjaycodes *PERSONAL OPINION*

    I've been here nearly from the start and it used to be a place for devs to RANT.

    Now it seems to me that memes get upvoted way faster than genuine rants and I find that sad.

    Next to that, I'm coming to devRant. dev*RANT*

    Again, just my personal opinion :)
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    @linuxxx 9gag invasion mate
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    CEO : well then can we make it fly?

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