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I'm someone who's already been in the workforce for a year now while still being a student (which is pretty convenient as it pays for my school), and talking with a lot of my friends online or at school, most of them would love to have responsibilities, and I can't relate at all: for me, responsibilities are just a weight on my shoulders and a Damocles sword over the head, ready to fall when you fuck up. I don't want people to rely on me, not because I don't think I'm good enough, but because I don't want to be held responsible for anything at all. Just let me do my thing in my corner, thanks, I'm good.

I would love to hear insights about that topic!

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    I totally get it that you don't want all the responsibility. It can suck. The inconvenient truth is though that you won't be able to escape it forever. But if you do have any influence on it, increase them step by step, instead of having them all piled up on you at once. That way you can adjust and learn to deal with it. That's just my point of view though, everyone is different.
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    I'm afraid the further from your childhood you get, the less playful and irresponsible your days become.

    Get used to it. Or build your own company. Depending on what your company would do you may remain as independent as it gets.
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    Yeah but responsibilities help people feel useful, and also tend to correlate with the paycheck's size
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    Thank you @CoffeeNcode @norman70688 @netikras @CptFox for your answers, but the thing is they tend to say "you can't avoid them" and don't really answer my question imo, it's more like "how can I at least not hate them"? How do you guys cope with the feeling that it's all up to you in the end? Don't you feel pressure? Or do you feel it and go "yeah, ok, fine"? Those are my main struggles.
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    @sayaws For me, the pressure tends to feel like waves: sometimes it pulls back, sometimes it builds up. I have high edonistic average (how you feel on average, during routine. some people tend to feel down when not doing anything "special", that's not my case and that's pretty much a genetical blessing) and ego, so I tend not to get swallowed up.
    Overall, I guess balancing how rewarded you feel that people trust you with things and how little these things tend to really matter in the greater scope of the universe is a decent way to handle it.
    Usually, you failing won't be a huge catastrophe, so as long as it doesn't undermine your love for your craft too much, and doesn't turn you into too much of a slacker, you can use that as a way to feel better when things go south.
    Learn to laugh from the chaos, and you'll always have a smile on your face :)
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    @CptFox I see, thank you very much for your insight!
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    I don't mean to sound like I piss Zen koans, but there's nothing to be afraid of. Just fuck everybody and everything, start from there, and it sort of grows exponentially. It's not a fucking medical emergency, regardless of what some scented up mortgaged out twat yells in your face. Do what you can do, don't rush through learning. Take your time, growl at and if necessary bite any asswipes who harass you. Bite hard enough to leave toothmarks, otherwise they'll just come at you again.
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    @bols59 that's a piece of advice I can get behind, thank you!
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