I’ve been building event-based systems for a few years.

Now I am with a company building MVC apps with ruby-on-rails. (Well, actually the V is handled by React)

To all the the good Rails developers out there:

What advice do you have to getting into this thing very fast. I’ve got video courses from UDemy and the docs but are there any hidden diamonds in the rough out there I should check out?

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    Ditch it for node.
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    Hey, miss @Root.

    Since your bite still hurts, I'm throwing you to the sharks.
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    I think you meant to say”hidden ’gems’ in the rough”. *Huehuehue*
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    Unfortunately I don't know of any good Rails tutorials or lessons. The official docs are pretty good though.

    I can answer whatever questions if that would help? Just tag me here and I'll explain as best I can, or direct you somewhere that will help.
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    @rooter and after that ditch Django for rust.
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