If you are in the US how are you preparing for the next pending recession?

I am thinking about staying at my low paying but stable job where they have never done massive layoffs because they are not publically traded.

Anyone else?

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    I'm not in the US but I'm kinda preparing for the euro crash
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    What are you doing about employment situation? I am junior dev coming up on 2 years experience so I am applying for real developer jobs. Not sure if I stay if it’s better because I
    may keep my job but then junior devs are more disposable.
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    @katbreitin I can't do much because I'm still in university and will be for atleast another 2 years
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    I moved to a place sitting on 500 acres of half woodland, half swamp. Of course not everyone has that option, I was blessed with a grandfather that was smart enough to invest the money he made as a lineman into land instead spending it on alcohol or other frivolous things.

    Had he invested it in less permanent assets pretty sure all of it would be gone with everything else he lost trying to keep my uncles' failed businesses out of the red.
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