From now on I decree that we should all call programming languages her. We should use the pronoun her like you would use for a boat.

"Aye she's a fine lass indeed sir, able to handle scale with grace and charm.."

Also, to speak with a Scottish accent.

I have hereby decreed it, it shall be so.

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    I'm down with the Scottish accent but I see no reason to gender programming languages πŸ€”
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    For the scottish accent part I totally agree. However in this world decalring the gender of a programming language could lead to some sirious court cases...
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    Yes yes, I know.
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    A need sum scotsman tae tutor me cause a hivnae got much knowledge of scots
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    Same case here :D Have absolutely no knowledge about that. I just know how it sounds and I know I need it :D
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    So...you basically want to talk about languages the way Scotty from Star Trek talks about his ships?
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    It seems most programming languages would intersect both genders at a lot of points.

    For example, a lot of programming languages could be female because some programming languages are a bitch to work with.

    On the other hand, a lot of programming languages could be male because you have to say exactly what you mean before they get it.
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    did you just assume my programming language's gender and pronouns? i feel so offended
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    Ships are "her" to go or the >>goddess<< of navigation, in hopes to not get lost.

    Programs should be "he" to honor the God of the Underworld, in hopes to not enter callback hell.
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    Gendering languages make perfect sense.

    Specially as women.

    Only women would give this much trouble.

    Oooooooo jk jk jk jk jk
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    @AleCx04 Or make this much sense πŸ˜‰
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    @AlgoRythm the goddess of navigation? And who would that be? Poseidon after a change of sex?
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    @Pickman Seems I was mistaken (I took it for fact because I know nothing about, and care very little about ancient, or for that matter, modern Gods)

    The practice is so old the original reason is probably lost for good (especially since sailors were typically illiterate or very close to illiterate). There are a lot of reasons, as it seems:
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    😯it all makes sense now.
    She has been driving me nuts all week.
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    @AlgoRythm kudos for the naval explanation, took it right from my mouth- I mean, fingers :P

    Another explanation is one I attach below (I think this is the chauvinistic one). Should we make something similar for programming languages too? Those of poetic spirit (and decent knowledge of English, for that matter) step forth!
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    Except for pHp. That son of a bitch. Grrrrr
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    @AlgoRythm well the explanation that ships were named after lovers makes sense.
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