Are all Senior Devs assholes with God complexes? Does it get better?

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    They've just shred their imposter syndrome
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    Most seniors aren't dicks, yours isn't either probably, it's just that the questions you've been asking aren't very good ones
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    And I thought I was the only one with a God complex...
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    No, the assholes become managers.
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    Yes we are. Rot in your cubicle, scrub.

    On a serious note I would say around half of people who say they are senior developers are just intermediate developers, but are good on the scale of their current workplace.

    A big part of being a senior developer is not writing code, but meetings, mentoring, business stuff, and planning. If you meet a senior who gives 0% of their time to teaching others or removing obstacles for the rest of the team, they are not an actual senior.
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    God?! You dare insult me, boy?! I don't lower myself to that "status".
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    @ojrask by your definition then I'm a senior developer then. I spent about half my time researching new solutions for things, 20% in meetings with leadership (and the occasional client), another 10% coaching the other developers, 10-15% onboarding new-hires, and the rest updating plugins on WordPress sites.

    I want to code 😭😭😭😭
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    @sylar182 hahahahaha updating WordPress plugins 🤣
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    I don't have a god complex.
    I am a goddess. Get it right.
    No, don't grovel. That's weird.
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    @Root I knew it! You must be an evil goddess. The Root of all evil!
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    Nope, we leave that to the lead dev, who fucks up as frequently as we do
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    I only know assholes. Some of them are senior (assholes).
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    Someones having a senior moment 😂
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    @dudeking but it’s also a seniors job to assist juniors and help them understand.
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    @Demolishun I’m gonna hang myself after having to read that
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    No dragging his feet pushing code.
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    I'm working at data consultancy as my first tech job and one of my clients knows me as the Lead Engineer. That's only because I'm the only engineer on the project. I also only became a data engineer 10 months ago.

    Im pretty sure I'm still considered a junior but our good seniors are moving on, so I'll be getting closer to being the senior.

    For those who have read the Phoenix Project, our Brent is leaving on Tuesday.
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    It gets better once you are a senior :)
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