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    Please keep us updated
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    Lil piece of advice: The email is lacking hard facts and it sounds like you want to criticize, but without making a stand.

    When writing such mails, ask yourself if someone with no background and knowledge can get a fast grip of the situation.

    I know now that it seems that you loose time fixing shit, but I have no fucking clue how much time. Neither if your time is required (maybe even allocated) for another task. These are hard facts.
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    @IntrusionCM There have been ongoing discussion on the problems with the current system and how it might not be recoverable. It's been about a month trying to address 2 seemingly simple template output issues. Turns out the underlying DB has tons of integrity constraint violations causing indeterminate front-end behavior. I'm also an intern without any real power and don't want to rock the boat any more than I have to. If they had taken my advice a month ago, I wouldn't be in this position.
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    I often habe to deal with NULL values in my reports because our database is shitty.

    Try going to report settings and check the "convert null values to standard" option.
    It often solves my problems
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    @Stahlbart dude, 2/3 fields in our db are null. Mix in the 2013 bug where any null input causes the display string formula to just fail, and sometimes 10 duplicates of a row with one field changed, and you have my fun.
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    So after running my last attempt job over the weekend... It flipping works.

    I swear the universe has a vendetta against me.
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