i have this js object containing an array with about 7000 values. firefox, chrome and even ie11 need about 1.5 to 2 seconds to process it.
but edge takes 10 times longer! does anybody know about this behaviour? i could not find anything.

so, serious question. i just find results for ie being slow but THIS time it does its work properly. console shows no errors. is there information about edge-specific issues with javascript?

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    I'm sure you're wasting cycles, 7k values should not take 2 seconds.
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    @JoshBent depends. in this case each item is another array that is concatenated and searched with something like fuzzy search. i am not too uncomfortable with that for the moment. maybe its less than 2s but why does edge take 10 times long?
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    JIT's not kicking in I guess
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    @RememberMe sounds like it, or there is an edge case for the “fuzzy search” that either takes time in edge or prevents some optimization.

    MS has already decided to switch to chromes engine so I guess they are not putting in as much work in optimizing the old one.
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    @Voxera haha edge case! ^^
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    It's really not easy to say since we don't know how your array looks or what exactly you're doing
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    @inaba i can not explain easily. the code can be found on https://github.com/erroronline1/...
    and the behaviour is noticeable in the module stocklist, searching a dataset of 3mb. 😌

    i was hoping there might be a known issue to the bahaviour of edge.
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    @erroronline1 You might want to look into a framework: laravel for example, not exclusively but possibly with react/angular or vue.

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    i found out calling my methods within nested loops is a much bigger problem for edge than for other browsers. by assigning their return values before entering the loops i could speed everything up.
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