"Can you give an example of a work-based conflict you were involved in, and how you went about resolving it?"

"Heh, ohhhh yes. Last job actually. Manager flipped out at me for the billionth time for no reason at all. I calmly handed my notice in, changed a bunch of encryption keys and disabled a bunch of users on the server before leaving and never looking back."

"Wow. Seriously?!"

"Absolutely. I'm very forward-looking."

Still no idea if the guy just decided to turn up to the interview to waste our time, or he really was stupid enough to think that was a positive.

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    wauu, just wauu
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    For some reason I think he was "forced" to job interview to your place
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    @amatrelan That would make a lot of sense.
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    > "Can you give an example of a work-based

    > conflict you were involved in, and how you

    > went about resolving it?"

    The people responsible for delivering our paper supplies to us was not very reliable.

    To solve it, I would drive a truck to the depot before work every morning and load it up with paper for our department and everyone else's and drop them off on the way to mine.

    Sometimes the only way to get a job done, is to do it yourself !

    Of course, when I left, things went back to no one really doing it, so after a week, everyone started to run out of paper and production efficiency went from 98% down to 30%..
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    A friend of mine do shit like that when he knows he don't want to work there.

    Maybe your canditate judged your company as unfit and went the lazy way to cut short the interview.
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    @Cultist This was one of the first questions asked, so I seriously doubt he judged that outright that early on, unless we all *really* cocked up without noticing.

    If he decided that before the interview, then I'd have infinitely more respect for the guy if he just sent a quick email so as not to waste everyone's time.
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    @AlmondSauce Maybe he is proud of his Don't-fuck-with-me attitude thinking this is a display of strength. Some people are just socially obnoxious.
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    @phorkyas Back then I would have said "Is anyone really that stupid?!"

    Now, I'd say that's the most likely scenario.
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    @AlmondSauce disillusionment kicking in ?-)
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    @NoMad Oh, I don't condone the question. I was there for the technical bit. This was Sharon from HR who had to be there to make herself feel important.
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    @irene calm down stalin.
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    Reminds me of this
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