Everybody is complaining about Windows 10 updates, which makes me relish having turned off Windows Update ~7 years ago on my home pc. Everything has been working with minimal pain I the ass.

Yes, I'm perfectly fine with XP 😁

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    And yes, admittedly, it's becoming time for a hardware upgrade for 'my devMachine'
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    I can't lie, I loved XP. But I cannot imagine actually using it every day.
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    Just had my first bad experience with Win 10 update. Rebooted and it hosed the machine. It was a bitch to get back up and running. None of the restore methods worked. Couldn't even get into Safe Mode. Had to format the drive and do a full reinstall.
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    And you perfectly secure as well, right?
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    Hopefully not connected to the internet
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    Just don't put this XP machine directly on the internet without a firewall, or you'll get to infected faster than saying "duck". 😆

    Source: reinstalled one XP with a DSL **MODEM** plugged into it in 2003. That escalated quickly. (Don't blame me for the lack of firewall, Bell shipped only modems to the users in that era)
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    @bilange ZoneAlarm!
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