My boss keeps telling people to make sure to write stuff down during meetings. I feel like im in school.

Furthermore shes making our testers read application traces. And making me email it to them every time they want it because they don't have acess to our system.

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    Be happy your boss communicates their expectations. Also, you are in school at work. Learn as much as you can and learn "why" they do things.
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    @Demolishun Shes making our non technical QA testers read debug trace logs. As if it helps them at all.

    Also, I think it should be an assumed that I'm making note of things. That's something that's always expected of being an employee.
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    @Owenvii Lol, nice! Sounds like an interesting environment. I wonder what the "why" is. That could be an interesting rant on its own.
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    @Demolishun https://devrant.com/rants/2225830/...

    Yeah, I already made that whole big rant. Just ranting more about stupid stuff
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    @Owenvii Oh, that job. Okay, the context helps. How is the job search? Also, forget the "why" in this case. It has progressed to a wtf.
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    @Demolishun yeah the job search is going to likely be my next step/move

    As for the wtf that's what I said and I was told to do my job anyway

    Maybe some people can watch the world burn but I know I can't
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