A kid that went to my daughter's preschool class died (they are in the 3-4 years old range)

The parents still don't know what their kid died from some virus.

They said the kid became braindead so I'm guessing meningitis?

Meanwhile we're pretty scared, and unsure if we should keep sending our kid.

I'm very disappointed in the way the school handled this, like no quarantine, no fucking notice on our kid's book about how they're going to deal with this.

Fucking piece of shit school.

Everyone on the whatsapp group is sad, saying religious shit. Hello!!!! Can I know what this kid died from so my kids don't die too????

I feel sad for the parents and the kid but... everyone is reacting in a very stupid way to this.

Like no one's gonna even fucking ask if this kid went to class this week and potentially passed it to other kids?

Fuck this dumbass mediocre country.

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    Fucking hell man that is some scary shit.
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    I'd keep my kiddo away from them for starters.
    Aren't there institutions that could force preschool to find out what killed that other kid? I mean it's basic principles of social health
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    @netikras yeah, there are. The CDC, for one, if asked, may do so depending on the size of the preschool.
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    this is Brazil in case you were wondering...
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    @jesustricks the equivalent to the CDC for you, then
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    @jesustricks sadly this happens, the best you can do is make sure your kid has received all the vaccinations, Brazil does at least have a good vaccination program. Make sure all the boosters are up to date too, especially the triple vaccine (ssr in Brazil if I remember correctly).
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    If I may step forward here and make an important suggestion: if you are reading this and your daughter is in preschool, get your ass into a car, drive to the fucking preschool, and remove your daughter immediately and forever. If you must bring her to your workplace and stand her on your desk whilst she recites every lyric that Courtney Love has ever composed in a basso profundo that shakes the ceilings, JUST FUCKING DO IT.
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    @bols59 you know what?
    you're goddamn right

    hell, I'll also bring my other kid into the office. My wife and my dog too.

    that will surely work out.

    hell, I'll just have her stay in a single room like that shitty netflix movie.
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    @jesustricks as you will.
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    Change preschool now.
    Have a doctor visit the other couple and then run checks on your kid.
    Simply put if the kid was not kicked out before it came to this that preschool is not where you want your kid to be.
    Also mention in the whatsapp group that your kid is leaving because you do not feel comfortable due to the health safety policies applied by the school (don't go into detail).
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