I don't think signing up to LinkedIn has ever resulted in anything but being stalked by recruiters.

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    The only reason I have it is for application sites that allow import from LinkedIn instead of asking for my resume, then continuing to ask for everything again.
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    I found a job and relocated to other country using LinkedIn exclusively. Will tolerate hunters.
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    What I can add it’s great spyware and I like that when I read some articles about people I can see what they do using linkedin.
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    Not looking at LinkedIn a lot these days but when I signed up about 5 years ago, it led to me getting headhunted and offered a nice job in a different country, which I ended up taking. So on some level it works.
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    I get to stalk where my colleagues went while planning my way out of the current job.
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    And those recruiters end up giving offerers that are either worse than what you currently have or its something completely out of your field.
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