Today I found somebodies phone... Together with his bank cards in the flip protection wallet ... I was able to turn it on and charge it so I awaited a call and now through the caller I was able to return it to its owner within 2 hours of finding it 🥰 got a nice bottle of booze as a reward

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    How to get free booze:

    1. Pickpocket a phone
    2. Wait till the owner calls
    3. Return the phone
    4. Get drunk and repeat
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    nice men 🤘
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    Found some dude's debit card on the street yesterday after work, didn't get around to returning it yet though
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    Username checks out
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    Good guy karma.

    If I lost anything I wish you'd find it!
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    Karma is a bi... uhm..
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    Fun thing the phone was set to russian texts I be like wtf I got myself into ... Haha
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    Since you had his cards, did he steal the booze...? 🤔
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    @ZoRaC he brought a bottle from home, russians keep stock mate
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