I just met a whole new level of obnoxious scam mail: Google calendar invites. WTH. You can't even block it.

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    This sounds familiar, I think @stuxnet had this earlier.
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    I got two regarding some digital leadership crap
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    It's a known {?bug} and easily fixable as @irene pointed out
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    You can easily block it by

    - Disabling it in the settings
    - Not using GMail anymore
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    Those geniuses at fd5.info.
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    you CAN block it by disabling the calendar feature that auto-adds invitations from mails, or set it to only add those that you replied to
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    The problem is that the fix is a non-default setting. That places the onus on Google for releasing the product with this critical flaw.
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    Or just don't use google services
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