Explaining to backend people how important frontend details are is just exhausting...

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    Explaining to frontend people how important backend details are is just exhausting 😁
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    Though since I do both I think I already know.
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    Yes thats just one problem some backenders see. Front end devs usually try to make everything as beautiful as possible. Animations, transitions and other bullshittery. I personally find it annoying when my mouse clicks are delayed because some stupid asshole decided they want to animate it and then half of the screen turns left and something fades in from the right etc..

    But who the fuck needs that? I want my software to work, not to look like a cartoon for 9yr old girls. If you want your software to look good I dont care. But don't get in my way with it.
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    Explaining to managers how important technical details are is incredibly exhausting. And infuriating.
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    I'm not even talking about animations or fades or whatever, I also believe things should be as simple as possible.

    The problem is, some people still believe things that almost look like WordArt are cool or that things with uncoherent sizes or unaligned elements are just fine amyway...

    No, things have to be done right, not just by putting it all randomly on a screen! And if you say a comment about it you get a "Oh you, always complaining about meaningless stuff". Exhausting
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    Allow me to generalize:

    Explaining to X people how important Y details are is just exhausting.

    where X,Y in SetOfPrettyMuchEveryDamnField

    Yes this includes the cases where X = Y because people can be pretty retarded.
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