My middle company urged to try to outsource the engineering department.

So today I met with a "senior engineering manager" to explain to him our infra.

He doesn't know what AAC (architecture as code), terraform, k8 and graphql mean... And that's the easy part!

3 hours after... He only said: "I don't think we have the skill needed to maintain this".

Next week, we should dive in the micro-services...It's going to be hilarious. Well for me, he's fucked.

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    What is "middle" company?
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    I'm so out of the loop on the terminology.

    Reassuringly, the ideas are not new. But the language certainly is.
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    Please keep us updated
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    At least, he is honest.
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    Looks like nice project to be fucked up.
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    @asgs the company I work. I resigned but my contract ends in November.

    @vane: I think I will laugh when I have to explain the data pipeline and the ml/dp processes.
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    Just reflecting on "terraform" mention.

    It's ONE tool out of hundreds. You can't expect everyone knowing it.

    But seems like your project is over-engineered
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