This gets me all the time.

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    It is not of importance because I just put everything in my car from the shopping cart. Data structures are not that necessary if you have a simple enough Programm. As soon as you get complex stuff, like 1 mm small electronic components, bags become mandatory.
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    @p100sch Wanna see you throwing loose yoghurt inside your car
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    @trickory wait... I mean, I'm on your side for data structures, but do you normally throw yogurt loose into grocery bags?
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    @taigrr Thats the point since theyre usually inside their own containers. Like almost all groceries.
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    Without data structures, good luck writing code that handles more than a trickle of data.
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    I have seen a guy who did SELECT * FROM TABLE and did for loop and other queries inside the loop.

    Not saying very important (actually depends on how good you want to be), but if at least understanding basic DS and time complexity, there will not be “but it works” code.
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    This makes me feel hungry.
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    i tend to say "there's NOTHING BUT data structures".

    programming is about transforming data from one type/structure to a different one. you do this transformation by writing data structures (functions, objects...) that describe how this transformation is done.

    ---this opinion is also why I dislike dynamically-typed languages on a fundamental, principal level.
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    Dynamic means dynamic runtime errors.
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