I got lazy with my responsive site and iPadOS13 has come along to kick my ass.
It loads the iPad Pro 11” screen size but with a desktop user agent in safari.
Late night writing some ‘real’ css now.

I guess this is a rant at myself more than anything 🙉

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    Oh god. Mobile versions...
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    You're using JS to dictate css rendering? I thought we stopped doing that when @media became a thing.
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    @C0D4 Oh so it's too considered responsiveness? I guess, but you never know when it "responds" 😄
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    @C0D4 all my css stuff uses media queries but I have some things that show and hide using laravel’s blade templating system and admittedly some things that show and hide depending on user agent in js.

    As I said, my bad, being lazy always comes back to bite you!
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    I think right now the designers of mobile OS and mobile browsers are doing this stuff deliberately to fuck with Web Devs.
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