I'm in a midlife crisis.

TL;DR: Trying to make a living by teaching people how to code.

I've started a business in my local town where people can join to learn more about programming. Currently most events are free and everyone can join, I spend many hours creating these events and get little in return.

Many people have asked so how can you make money on this? My answer is by having 1-2 days of intensive workshops. The issue however is if I would have one of these, I'm 100% sure that nobody will attend, so for that reason my goal is to run these free events and get as many members as possible until I have some serious buyers that want to pay for the workshops.

I'm kinda stuck in the mud. Don't know where to start, or how to go with these workshops so I can get payed. It sounds like I only care about money, but that is not the case, I love to teach and want to make a living from it.

At this moment, it feels like I'm giving away free knowledge without getting anything back... But at the same time, I feel I must in order to gain some traffic/interest for my company.

I would love some feedback of what strategy works best, how can I go from free to payed, what would you do if you were in my shoes?

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    Tldl: go ask sponsoring from local relevant companies, sounds stupid but I believe many of them is willing to help some extent.

    That's hard, but you're doing good. But one way to get some money is by sponsors. Some years back I and some others organized 2 times a year a small lan party's. We went basically from relevant local companies and requested sponsorship's. We had enter payment too but all that money went to renting area for lan party but we had like 7-8 companies sponsoring us for awards for each competitions. We didn't get direct money from sponsors except one, local game store. Usually sponsors want to have some presence in events and quite many times they even visited our lan party.
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    I think it's awesome what you try to achieve!

    See if there are not a similar type of organisations where you live. Here are some examples that we have in South Africa:
    - https://csfirst.withgoogle.com/s/...
    - https://girlcode.co.za/

    From my volunteer experience, we found by charging people a very small amount they are more vested in the event as they have now paid for it (eg R 10 is $0.65 US Dollar). This also encourages people to attend and just not come because it was free.

    In order for you to make a living is either by receiving donations or employed by another company.

    Which country do you live in?
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    @Nato Yeah, but the things they work with are not that related to the teaching I do. However, I could find a decent job here just be closer to students..
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    @Nato Sounds like a good plan. I'll try to contact local companies and see if they can support me.
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    @amatrelan Sounds like a great idea, I'll definitely try this out.
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