When our sales guy came by for the 200000000000th time on a day to boast about how good he advised someone on a sales related matter.

Mate, we're Linux engineers and currently trying to fix shit up so why don't you get yourself a cup of shut the fuck up.

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    But linuxxx, I advised this dude so well, why won't you caaareeeeee
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    Like congrats you were born with just enough charisma to option with convincing people of shit. We’re all proud of you. But we’re trying to use our minds to build what it is you throw together in 3 sentences for clients.

    I hate how in America the business associates are held in much higher esteem then the minds of the product. Whoever sits closest to the money sees the money and that’s messed up. If more developers had a pair, then c levels would understand who really pulls the strings in this tech ran economy
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    @dUcKtYpEd unfortunately, as long as people will keep buying the sales pitch insead of focusing on the real qualities of the product, that's not gonna change very much.
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    Reverse cup of coffee

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    @dUcKtYpEd that’s how it goes?? The stuff engineers do is so complicated and frustrating (at times). I don’t see how sales/biz ppl could be held in a higher regard (no offense).
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    @dastackman at the corporations I’ve been with, the sales and marketing get the glory. The devs unfortunately have usually been pretty introverted and seen as the cave people of the company that need whipped here and there to make code. I remember stand ups taking place over video cam where the marketing groups would be on the CEOs yacht “pitching to salesforce”. There would be internal ego role changes weekly in their departments just to pump each other up meanwhile we never got enough recognition to even feel confident with asking for a raise.
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    next time go to that guy and brag how you have fixed a flappy network connection by editing nginx config :) Or reducing rx_buff to like 2 megs or so :)

    He's gotta be astounded!
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