When our sales guy came by for the 200000000000th time on a day to boast about how good he advised someone on a sales related matter.

Mate, we're Linux engineers and currently trying to fix shit up so why don't you get yourself a cup of shut the fuck up.

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    But linuxxx, I advised this dude so well, why won't you caaareeeeee
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    @dUcKtYpEd unfortunately, as long as people will keep buying the sales pitch insead of focusing on the real qualities of the product, that's not gonna change very much.
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    Reverse cup of coffee

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    @dUcKtYpEd that’s how it goes?? The stuff engineers do is so complicated and frustrating (at times). I don’t see how sales/biz ppl could be held in a higher regard (no offense).
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    next time go to that guy and brag how you have fixed a flappy network connection by editing nginx config :) Or reducing rx_buff to like 2 megs or so :)

    He's gotta be astounded!
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