Learning JS frameworks is like:
Oh my god it's 2016, no one uses jQuery anymore.
Angular is so 2015.
Here, use these 25 super cool libs instead.

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    Will there ever be a JS Framework, that actually worth to be learned, before it's outdated already?
    Might JS improve so much, so there will be no need for a big framework anymore?
    Or maybe it will be replaced by some actually good language...

    By the way: bottom right.
    It's atom.io . OK, it is written in JS, but it's not a framework, right?
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    But I love jQuery ):
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    @Anaeijon ain't that react?
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    I'm sure it's the bottom left one. js bucket or something like that.
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    @jckimble oh... You are right.
    Never used it because... Well... Look at my previous answer.
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    @Anaeijon yeah I only recognize 3 of them, only reason I know react's logo is cause I looked into react native
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    Bottom left is jsbin, an online editor (like codepen/jsfiddle/plnkr)
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    @Anaeijon It's React Native. I thought it was Electron (the thing atom is built on)
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    @Anaeijon so true. Also, bottom right could be React.js or Electron.io
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    @FelisPhasma It is React.js
    Electron has a different logo where there are actual electrons orbiting the nucleus
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    @Anaeijon JS will probably never have a view model framework with databinding. So there will always be new libs for handling views.
    But I think the community is realizing that stuff will upgrade fast, so we might be moving away from huge frameworks to smaller libs. (Like flight which is only about attaching events to dom elements. Or react which just focuses on views. instead of angular which wants to infest a bigger part of the codebase)

    But then again we could just stop being so damn trendy. backbone,knockout,angular and ember still work. Just cause there are newer, hotter stuff doesn't mean you can't still build great things in the old ones.
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