Man, fuck the SO community
I asked a question on software engineering (all fancy like, links quotes checked spelling and grammar etc.)
if it would be beneficial to switch to another language in order to increase performance and memory limitations during a specific task

Literally one guy said it violated 4 of their rules
Opinion based; asking for language switch; too vague and another one

About 20/30 minutes later my question had a -3 score...

Fuck off with too vague, also why shouldn't I switch language for a single task... If it would be faster..

Anyway found an even better solution, but it cannot be enough said.. the SO community is a bunch of old stubborn fucks who only care about their score.

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    Use the language you need to.

    I had to create some powershell scripts to be a relay between two APIs to get data inside a company network, that was "fun"
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    @C0D4 oof. Sounds like the time I had to use the oracle db driver using nothing but powershell, only to learn that management wouldn't let IT link the libraries properly because it was a "security issue"
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    @Techno-Wizard yea, sadly I can't install any software onto this server, so the only thing native to windows that I can use and strap to a schedule is powershell.

    The things we do, when you can't do anything😐
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    @C0D4 could write it in go or rust and cross compile from another machine, then hook up the internal scheduler
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